Kwon AlexanderLBLinebacker 6'1'227 lbs8/3/199423
Bryan AngerPPunter 6'3'205 lbs10/6/198829
Antony AuclairTETight End 6'6'256 lbs5/28/199324
Robert AyersDEDefensive End 6'3'275 lbs9/6/198532
Chris BakerDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'320 lbs10/8/198730
Peyton BarberRBRunning Back 5'11'225 lbs2/27/199423
Kendell BeckwithLBLinebacker 6'2'243 lbs12/2/199423
Caleb BenenochTTackle 6'5'305 lbs8/8/199423
Devante BondLBLinebacker 6'1'236 lbs7/3/199324
Cameron BrateTETight End 6'5'245 lbs7/3/199126
Riley BulloughLBLinebacker 6'2'228 lbs11/23/199324
Chris ConteSSafety 6'2'203 lbs2/23/198928
Alan CrossTETight End 6'1'235 lbs5/2/199324
Lavonte DavidLBLinebacker 6'1'233 lbs1/23/199028
Demar DotsonTTackle 6'9'315 lbs10/11/198532
Javien ElliottCBCorner Back 5'11'176 lbs7/18/199324
Justin EvansSSafety 6'0'199 lbs8/26/199522
Mike EvansWRWide Receiver 6'5'231 lbs8/21/199324
Drew FerrisLBLinebacker 6'0'205 lbs1/1/1900118
Maurice FlemingCBCorner Back 5'11'202 lbs12/6/199324
William GholstonDEDefensive End 6'6'281 lbs7/31/199126
Adarius GlantonLBLinebacker 6'1'230 lbs9/21/199027
Chris GodwinWRWide Receiver 6'1'209 lbs2/27/199621
Ryan GriffinQBQuarterback 6'5'210 lbs11/17/198928
Vernon HargreavesCBCorner Back 5'10'204 lbs6/3/199522
Nigel HarrisLBLinebacker 6'2'225 lbs12/7/199423
Joe HawleyCCenter 6'3'302 lbs10/22/198829
O.J. HowardTETight End 6'6'251 lbs11/19/199423
Adam HumphriesWRWide Receiver 5'11'195 lbs6/24/199324
DeSean JacksonWRWide Receiver 5'10'175 lbs12/1/198631
Austin JohnsonFBFull Back 6'2'240 lbs6/16/198928
Isaiah JohnsonSSafety 6'0'209 lbs10/14/199225
Jeff KnoxLBLinebacker 6'2'225 lbs2/22/199225
DaVonte LambertDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'282 lbs6/23/199423
Jake LampmanWRWide Receiver 6'0'205 lbs6/11/199324
Michael LiedtkeGGuard 6'3'305 lbs1/15/199226
Devin LucienWRWide Receiver 6'2'200 lbs6/26/199324
Ali MarpetGGuard 6'4'307 lbs4/17/199324
Doug MartinRBRunning Back 5'9'223 lbs1/13/198929
Freddie MartinoWRWide Receiver 6'0'195 lbs9/7/199126
Gerald McCoyDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'300 lbs2/25/198829
Patrick MurrayKKicker 5'7'182 lbs6/22/199126
Eric NzeochaLBLinebacker 6'3'218 lbs4/1/199324
Pat O'ConnorDEDefensive End 6'4'270 lbs11/1/199324
Givens PriceTTackle 6'4'310 lbs10/3/199423
David RiversCBCorner Back 6'0'185 lbs1/1/1900118
Josh RobinsonCBCorner Back 5'10'200 lbs1/8/199127
Jacquizz RodgersRBRunning Back 5'6'205 lbs2/6/199028
Ryan RussellDEDefensive End 6'5'275 lbs1/17/199226
Brad SeatonTTackle 6'8'325 lbs11/23/199324
Donovan SmithTTackle 6'6'338 lbs6/23/199324
Ryan SmithCBCorner Back 5'11'189 lbs9/7/199324
Noah SpenceDEDefensive End 6'2'251 lbs1/8/199424
J.R. SweezyGGuard 6'5'298 lbs4/8/198928
Stevie Tu'ikolovatuDTDefensive Tackle 6'1'320 lbs6/28/199126
Channing WardDEDefensive End 6'4'279 lbs9/17/199225
Leonard WesterTTackle 6'6'305 lbs1/3/199325
Bobo WilsonWRWide Receiver 5'9'186 lbs1/25/199523
Jameis WinstonQBQuarterback 6'4'231 lbs1/6/199424
Avery YoungTTackle 6'5'326 lbs11/12/199225

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