Andrew AdamsSSafety 5'11'205 lbs8/28/199324
Jerell AdamsTETight End 6'5'254 lbs12/31/199225
Eli AppleCBCorner Back 6'1'201 lbs8/9/199522
Thurston ArmbristerLBLinebacker 6'3'235 lbs12/25/199225
Ray-Ray ArmstrongLBLinebacker 6'3'220 lbs3/5/199126
Josh BanksDTDefensive Tackle 6'3'290 lbs6/13/199423
Odell BeckhamWRWide Receiver 5'11'198 lbs11/5/199225
Nick BectonTTackle 6'6'322 lbs2/11/199028
Adam BisnowatyTTackle 6'5'310 lbs12/14/199324
Marquis BundyWRWide Receiver 6'4'215 lbs8/5/199423
Kyle CarterTETight End 6'3'245 lbs12/17/199225
Landon CollinsSSafety 6'0'218 lbs1/10/199424
Ethan CooperGGuard 6'2'322 lbs6/11/199522
Donte DeayonCBCorner Back 5'9'163 lbs1/28/199424
Zak DeOssieLBLinebacker 6'5'250 lbs5/24/198433
Brandon DixonCBCorner Back 5'11'203 lbs4/26/199027
Jessamen DunkerGGuard 6'4'315 lbs1/1/1900118
Rhett EllisonTETight End 6'5'255 lbs10/3/198829
Evan EngramTETight End 6'3'240 lbs9/2/199423
Amba Etta-TawoWRWide Receiver 6'1'208 lbs11/10/199324
Ereck FlowersTTackle 6'6'325 lbs4/25/199423
Wayne GallmanRBRunning Back 6'0'210 lbs10/1/199423
Laurence GibsonTTackle 6'6'300 lbs3/19/199126
B.J. GoodsonLBLinebacker 6'1'241 lbs5/29/199324
Curtis GrantLBLinebacker 6'3'249 lbs12/28/199225
John GrecoGGuard 6'4'318 lbs3/24/198532
Jon HalapioGGuard 6'3'315 lbs6/23/199126
Dwayne HarrisWRWide Receiver 5'11'206 lbs9/16/198730
Damon HarrisonNTNose Tackle 6'3'341 lbs11/29/198829
Janoris JenkinsCBCorner Back 5'10'190 lbs10/29/198829
John JerryGGuard 6'5'335 lbs6/14/198631
Keeon JohnsonWRWide Receiver 6'3'216 lbs1/1/1900118
Brett JonesCCenter 6'2'312 lbs7/29/199126
Tavarres KingWRWide Receiver 6'1'192 lbs7/14/199027
Marshall KoehnKKicker 6'0'200 lbs8/29/199225
Roger LewisWRWide Receiver 6'0'203 lbs11/27/199324
Damien MamaGGuard 6'3'342 lbs6/27/199522
Eli ManningQBQuarterback 6'5'220 lbs1/3/198137
Brandon MarshallWRWide Receiver 6'5'232 lbs3/23/198433
Derrick MathewsLBLinebacker 6'0'232 lbs9/25/199225
Jeremiah McKinnonCBCorner Back 5'10'197 lbs6/29/199324
Avery MossDEDefensive End 6'3'271 lbs9/16/199423
Calvin MunsonLBLinebacker 6'0'241 lbs12/27/199423
Ryan MurphySSafety 6'1'216 lbs10/14/199225
Kevin NorwoodWRWide Receiver 6'2'212 lbs9/23/198928
Ryan O'MalleyTETight End 6'6'260 lbs7/24/199324
Romeo OkwaraDEDefensive End 6'4'271 lbs6/17/199522
Paul PerkinsRBRunning Back 5'11'213 lbs11/16/199423
Jason Pierre-PaulDEDefensive End 6'5'275 lbs1/1/198929
Darius PoweWRWide Receiver 6'2'218 lbs3/15/199423
Kalif RaymondWRWide Receiver 5'9'160 lbs8/8/199423
Austin RehkowPPunter 6'3'213 lbs3/17/199522
Dominique Rodgers-CromartieCBCorner Back 6'2'203 lbs4/7/198631
Aldrick RosasKKicker 6'3'221 lbs12/30/199423
Travis RudolphWRWide Receiver 6'0'190 lbs9/15/199522
Tim ScottSSafety 5'11'195 lbs1/25/199325
Canaan SeverinWRWide Receiver 6'2'205 lbs3/16/199324
Hunter SharpWRWide Receiver 5'11'198 lbs4/25/199423
Sterling ShepardWRWide Receiver 5'10'201 lbs2/10/199325
Mike ShulaCCenter 0 lbs6/3/196552
Jalen SimmonsRBRunning Back 5'8'220 lbs4/1/199225
Shane SmithRBRunning Back 6'1'241 lbs8/21/199324
Kristjan SokoliDEDefensive End 6'5'300 lbs9/24/199126
Robert ThomasNTNose Tackle 6'1'331 lbs2/18/199127
Darian ThompsonSSafety 6'2'208 lbs9/22/199324
Dalvin TomlinsonDTDefensive Tackle 6'3'317 lbs2/28/199423
Olivier VernonDEDefensive End 6'2'262 lbs10/7/199027
Terrell WatsonRBRunning Back 6'1'240 lbs8/22/199324
Davis WebbQBQuarterback 6'5'230 lbs1/22/199523
Chad WheelerTTackle 6'7'312 lbs1/19/199424
Jordan WilliamsDEDefensive End 6'4'272 lbs3/23/199324
Brad WingPPunter 6'3'192 lbs1/27/199127

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