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Fantasy Basketball Mock Draft

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's always mock season around here, but this time we did it a little differently. Jonas Nader and I did a 12-team mock draft with each of us getting six teams and alternating picks. This is a nine-cat, head-to-head format, so turnovers do play a factor here. Although, the H2H aspect means it's easy to punt on a category.


Basically, these are kind of like our rankings, but we have to factor in fit for each team. Personally, I took the best player available for the first four rounds -- that's usually the way to fly in all drafts. The outcome is a little different from the 10-man draft we did last month (Part 1 here, Part 2 here).


I should also add we did kind of go YOLO style and did favor some buzz guys after the third round. I'll also tie in some analysis from the last draft on guys we took earlier/later than the June draft.


Here we go.


  Team Player
Jonas 1 Giannis Antetokounmpo 
Mike 1 Karl-Anthony Towns 
Jonas 2 Kevin Durant 
Mike 2 Stephen Curry 
Jonas 3 Kawhi Leonard 
Mike 3 James Harden 
Jonas 4 Nikola Jokic 
Mike 4 Russell Westbrook 
Jonas 5 Anthony Davis 
10  Mike 5 Rudy Gobert 
11  Jonas 6 Jimmy Butler 
12  Mike 6 John Wall 

Not too much going on here. Jonas took Jokic a little earlier than last time, but that's obviously fine. It's worth mentioning that point guard is slightly deeper now with a few rookies set for big roles while center is easily the thinnest position. Even with Jimmy Butler in the mix, I still have KAT at No. 1. Yeah, his dimes will drop, but he's still a great bet for 24 points with across-the-board output.


Jonas doesn't think Jimmy Butler takes a hit in Minnesota and I don't either. He's a lot like Kawhi where he'll just do so much in the non-scoring departments. Sure, the Wolves will probably be one of the slowest teams in the league, but that's fine. I kind of love Rudy Gobert. Ricky Rubio should really open up Gobert's game, especially after he became one of the best PNR roll men.


We did see Brodie and Harden fall a couple spots. Westbrook probably won't match his ridiculous usage rate from last year, but he could still average a triple-double. Is PG-13 going to give Westy some free boards?

  Team  Player 
13  Mike 1 Chris Paul 
14  Jonas 1 LeBron James 
15  Mike 2 Damian Lillard
16  Jonas 2 Kyrie Irving  
17  Mike 3 Myles Turner 
18  Jonas 3 Kristaps Porzingis 
19  Mike 4 Draymond Green
20  Jonas 4 DeMarcus Cousins 
21  Mike 5 Isaiah Thomas 
22  Jonas 5  C.J. McCollum 
23  Mike 6 Kyle Lowry 
24  Jonas 6 Paul George 

No surprises again. CP3 should get 12-15 minutes without Harden, so expect him to cash in during that time. Coach Mike D'Antoni said he was going to stagger those two, which makes sense. Myles Turner is locked and loaded as a top-20 pick and I actually would take him over LeBron James -- yes, fantasy is weird. PG-13 probably won't fall off a cliff and there's a good chance he can hit 3.0 treys. 


Boogie Cousins fired away from deep with the Pels with 2.1 treys per game in his 17 games. I also thought there was a slight drop off after Myles T.

  Team Player
25  Jonas 1 Hassan Whiteside 
26  Mike 1 Bradley Beal 
27  Jonas 2 Kevin Love 
28  Mike 2 Joel Embiid 
29  Jonas 3 Klay Thompson 
30  Mike 3 Blake Griffin 
31  Jonas 4 Kemba Walker 
32  Mike 4 Marc Gasol 
33  Jonas 5 Gordon Hayward 
34  Mike 5 Victor Oladipo 
35  Jonas 6 Mike Conley 
36  Mike 6 Al Horford 

I reached a bit on Bradley Beal, but he was a first-round value in the second half of the season. I'm not worried about that stress fracture in his leg and he should have an even bigger opportunity next season. I also rolled the dice on The Process, which probably hammers home the point that center is really thin this year. Blake and Dipo also saw some big value jumps with the offseason moves, so they're both firm third-round guys.


Hayward went a little earlier than I thought and I probably won't draft #ChinaKlay this season. #ChinaKlay is living his best life, by the way. Anyway, Conley was a bargain and he should be busy in a faster offense. 

  Team  Player 
37  Mike 1 Paul Millsap 
38  Jonas 1 Khris Middleton 
39  Mike 2 Brook Lopez 
40  Jonas 2 D'Angelo Russell 
41  Mike 3 Ricky Rubio 
42  Jonas 3 Eric Bledsoe 
43  Mike 4 Goran Dragic 
44  Jonas 4 Jrue Holiday 
45  Mike 5 Nikola Vucevic 
46  Jonas 5  Markelle Fultz 
47  Mike 6 Marquese Chriss 
48  Jonas 6 Jeff Teague 

Millsap was a fairly big letdown last year, but the up-tempo Denver offense should get him going again. We had a little PG run in the middle of this round with DAR kicking it off. The Nets are probably going to be a fantasy factory this year, so it wouldn't be crazy to see DAR be a top-20 guy.


I'm kind of all in on Marquese Chriss. He's going to play some center and he'll likely get 30-33 minutes, assuming he keeps his fouls down. I thought Fultz was a little early, but he should add some defensive stats in Brett Brown's fantasy-friendly system. 

  Team Player
49  Jonas 1 Avery Bradley 
50  Mike 1 Aaron Gordon 
51  Jonas 2 Nicolas Batum 
52  Mike 2 Jamal Murray 
53  Jonas 3 Robert Covington 
54  Mike 3 Serge Ibaka 
55  Jonas 4 Otto Porter 
56  Mike 4 Lonzo Ball 
57  Jonas 5 Jusuf Nurkic 
58  Mike 5 Ben Simmons 
59  Jonas 6 DeAndre Jordan 
60  Mike 6 Andre Drummond 

The top of this round had a lot of solid players. Bradley could seriously be a top-15 player in Detroit -- he has to stay healthy after that Achilles injury, though.


I always have a "guy" for every season. Luckily, my "guy" has been Draymond Green, C.J. McCollum and Myles Turner for the last three years for their breakouts. This year, I'm pretty sure it's going to be Jamal Murray. Coach Mike Malone said he wanted to play him late last year in the thick of a playoff race, so he should be the man. Plus, president Tim Connelly said he drew a line on trade talks when teams asked about the Blue Arrow.


Porter was a really good value even though he wasn't lighting it up late in the season. I went Triple B after that, but I would probably rather have Dennis Smith Jr. over Lonzo after Sunday (more below). As bad as Serge has been, his game is just so fantasy friendly, so he almost has to hit value at 54.


My last two teams are going to punt for field goal percentage (5) and free throw percentage (6).

  Team  Player 
61  Mike 1 Clint Capela
62  Jonas 1 Nerlens Noel 
63 Mike 2 Dennis Smith Jr. 
64  Jonas 2 Gary Harris 
65  Mike 3 Tobias Harris
66  Jonas 3 DeMar DeRozan 
67  Mike 4 Trevor Ariza 
68  Jonas 4 LaMarcus Aldridge 
69  Mike 5 Devin Booker 
70  Jonas 5  Gorgui Dieng 
71  Mike 6 Carmelo Anthony 
72  Jonas 6 Andrew Wiggins 

I picked DSJ before Sunday's gem, so I would probably move him up like 10 spots. He's incredible and I don't think the Mavs will be dead last in pace again. Someone had to take DeMar DeRozan and you could say the same thing for LaMarcus Aldridge. Besides my DSJ pick, it's a fairly unsexy round. I probably wont be drafting Dieng this year, especially with how much coach Tom Thibodeau loves Taj Gibson

  Team Player
73  Jonas 1 Willy Hernangomez 
74  Mike 1 Taurean Prince 
75  Jonas 2 Marcin Gortat 
76  Mike 2 Richaun Holmes 
77  Jonas 3 Jae Crowder 
78  Mike 3 Seth Curry 
79  Jonas 4 Danilo Gallinari 
80  Mike 4 Dennis Schroder 
81  Jonas 5 Harrison Barnes 
82  Mike 5 Jeremy Lin 
83  Jonas 6 George Hill 
84  Mike 6 Tim Hardaway Jr. 

If you go with The Process, you have to draft Holmes. If TTP does get hurt, Holmes should wind up being a top-50 guy in the games he misses. Taurean Prince hasn't quite lit it up in summer league, but he should be all set for huge minutes regardless. By the way, DeAndre Bembry and John Collins are killing it in Vegas.


Jae Crowder slipped a little, but that makes sense. He should still get plenty of minutes at the four and Avery Bradley heading to Detroit helps Crowder because guys like Jaylen Brown will play the two. I was pretty happy to get Lin where I did. Yeah, he was hurt last year, but don't forget the Nets played Brook Lopez for 75 games. If he's healthy, he'll play a bunch in a great system.

Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.

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