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Live Blog: Trade Deadline Day

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Welcome to the Trade Deadline live blog. Here's what went down on Thursday, and when it went down, along with some of my thoughts.



The Bulls' Bobby Portis and the Suns' T.J. Warren might have been two draft-day winners. Portis now looks like the starting PF in Chicago and is coming off his best game of the season, while Warren gets a boost with P.J. Tucker now playing for the Raptors. Don't cut a stud to pick them up, but if you've got room, it makes sense to grab one or both of them, and Portis should still be available in a lot of leagues. 



It was a fairly uneventful deadline as far as superstars go (after the Boogie Cousins deal), as Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Brook Lopez, Derrick Rose, Ricky Rubio and Jahlil Okafor are all staying put. In some more non-trade news, Danilo Gallinari (groin) will play tonight against the Kings.



The Pelicans will reportedly waive Terrence Jones after not being able to find any suitors at the deadline. Jones' value was destroyed by the arrival of DeMarcus Cousins, so this can only be seen as a positive for his rest of season outlook. Jones is in a contract year, and if he clears waivers, he'll be able to join a team of his choosing which is another plus for his value. Jones has been inconsistent this season (well, for most of his career), but he's flashed his upside and if he can find a team that will give him minutes he could emerge as a standard league asset. He could be worth stashing to see where he winds up.



Deron Williams may be receiving a buyout from the Mavericks, with Dallas ready to turn over the reins to Yogi Ferrell, according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN. Ferrell was extremely impressive earlier this year as Dallas' starter while Williams was on the sidelines, so with this report, he's someone to consider as a speculative pickup. It's tough to envision Williams starting with another team outside of Dallas, so if this buyout goes through, his value will assuredly take a hit.



The Suns are reportedly sending P.J. Tucker to the Raptors in exchange for Jared Sullinger and two future second-round picks. This move absolutely destroys Tucker's rest of season outlook, as he'll likely see his minutes dip to the lower-20s while earning limited touches off the Raptors' bench, but T.J. Warren is a big winner here as he should see his playing time in the high-30s during these final few months of the season. Warren has been hit-or-miss since the weird head injury he suffered earlier in the year, but with the minutes that are headed his way, he could return to that top-50 guy he was to begin the season making him a solid speculative add in standard leagues. If you were a Tucker owner, switching him out for Warren makes sense to me. Sullinger could see a boost playing in Phoenix, but with how bad he's been so far this season, I'd view him as a wait-and-see guy in most leagues.


The Bulls and Thunder have finalized their deal that will send Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne and Anthony Morrow to Chicago in exchange for Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson and a 2018 second-round pick. Payne sees the biggest boost in value with this move, as he could very realistically close out the year as the Bulls' starting point guard (assuming Rajon Rondo gets waived), so he could be worth a speculative add if you need a cheap point guard. Gibson's value will take a hit in OKC, and I see his minutes being divvied up between Nikola Mirotic, Bobby Portis and Lauvergne. Portis may be able to emerge with some value with the increased opportunity, but I think he's a wait-and-see guy in standard leagues.



The Hawks sent Mike Scott to the Suns for some cash. Scott might be able to get into the rotation in Phoenix, but this is wait-and-see territory just about everywhere.



The Cavs, Spurs and Rockets will all reportedly pursue Andrew Bogut on the buy-out market. Bogut won't have any fantasy value with those teams, but his arrival in Houston could hurt Clint Capela.


The Pacers reportedly did not receive any offers they liked for Paul George, and he's set to remain in Indiana past the deadline.


The Rockets traded Tyler Ennis to the Lakers in exchange for Marcelo Huertas. The Rockets will waive Huertas, so this was just a salary dump to help them out on the buy-out market. Ennis will not have any fantasy value in Los Angeles.



The Thunder and Bulls are reportedly nearing an agreement on a trade that will send Cameron Payne, Anthony Morrow and Joffrey Lauvergne to Chicago in exchange for Doug McDermott and Taj Gibson. I imagine this means that Chicago will waive Rajon Rondo after the deadline if they aren't able to sell him for cheap, so there's a good chance Payne could emerge as the Bulls new starting point guard, but I only view Payne as a speculative add in deep leagues. Gibson's value will take a hit in OKC, while Doug McDermott will retain his status as a non-factor. 


The Nuggets will send a heavily protected second-round pick to the Bucks in exchange for Roy Hibbert. Hibbert will remain a non-factor in Denver.



Paul George is reportedly "hell bent" on joining the Lakers if the Pacers aren't title contenders by 2018. If true, this could scare away a team like the Celtics from making a deal for him today.



With the 76ers unable to find a team willing to trade for Andrew Bogut, they have reportedly begun discussing a buyout. Bogut will be free to join a team of his choosing once the buy-out is finalized, but it's unlikely he'll have much fantasy value at all over these final two months of the season.


The Rockets have traded K.J. McDaniels to the Nets. McDaniels could emerge with some sneaky low-end value in Brooklyn as 3-and-D guy who can rack up the swats, so he might be worth a flier in deep leagues if you've got someone to cut. However, this is wait and see territory in most leagues. The Rockets freed up $3 million in cap space with this move, so they may be looking to sign Bogut once he becomes a free agent.



The Nuggets reportedly made a "monster" offer to the Pacers for Paul George, but the talks gained no traction and Indiana informed Denver that PG-13 would be "highly unlikely" to commit long-term to the Nuggets. If George is traded, Boston remains the most likely potential landing spot.


The Thunder continue to engage in trade talks with the Bulls regarding Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott, and OKC is reportedly willing to part ways with Cameron Payne to get a deal done. If this deal comes to fruition, the Bulls could sell Rajon Rondo for cheap or outright cut him after the deadline in order to install Payne as their starting point guard, so he's starting to make blips on the radar in deep leagues. For OKC to acquire both Gibson and McDermott, they'd reportedly need to give up Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne/Andre Roberson and some draft picks. Gibson's value could take a slight hit in OKC.



The Pelicans will reportedly bring in Jarrett Jack for an audition. Jack tore his ACL back in January of 2016, but he's now fully recovered and seeking his next NBA contract. Jack wouldn't have much value in New Orleans, but his arrival would be bad news for Tim Frazier's outlook.


The Pacers are reportedly trying to free up a roster spot, which hints that Indiana may be looking to deal Paul George. The PG-13 rumors are starting to heat up, with Celtics being the buyers here. Stay tuned.


The Clippers and Knicks have reportedly discussed a trade involving Courtney Lee, but it's unclear exactly what the Clippers would surrender to get this kind of deal done. In Los Angeles, Lee would likely be confined to a reserve role, so that would not be an ideal landing spot for him in terms of fantasy hoops.




Deron Williams reportedly will not ask for a buy-out from the Mavs if he's not moved by the deadline. He's been linked to the Jazz and the Cavs, but beat reporters out of Dallas have indicated that no trade is in the works, so for now, he seems likely to remain a Maverick. 



Brian Windhorst reported that a few rival GMs out there believe that Boston has a shot of landing Paul George today, although Adrian Wojnarowski quickly followed that up by saying that there has been no traction on a PG-13 or Jimmy Butler trade... yet. Boston has the assets to be able to pull off a blockbuster deal today, but numerous reports say they aren't willing to part ways with Jae Crowder or Brooklyn's 2017 pick, which could make it tough for a deal to go through.



The Raptors have reportedly made it a "priority" to trade for either Tyson Chandler or P.J. Tucker. If Toronto goes after Chandler, they'd likely be sending away Jonas Valanciunas to Phoenix, which would be amazing for Valanciunas' fantasy value. The Raptors have also been linked to Tucker numerous times, and his value would plummet with a reserve role in Toronto.



The Knicks and Timberwolves remain engaged in trade talks centered around a Ricky Rubio-Derrick Rose swap. Tom Thibodeau's infatuation with Rose has been one of the stranger deadline narratives, but he reportedly has not been impressed with Rubio this season and wants to get the washed up, former-MVP on his roster. Should a trade go down, both guys would remain starters on their new teams, so their values wouldn't change all that much.




The Kings wants a first-round pick for Darren Collison, and while Vlade Divac ensured Collison that he would not be moved at the deadline (as he did with DeMarcus Cousins), the feeling around the league is that Collison will be moved. However, I'm not certain a team will be willing to surrender a first-round pick to nab him, so if Sacramento holds on that asking price, he may not be going anywhere. Stay tuned.



In our first trade of the day, Philadelphia will be sending Nerlens Noel to Dallas in exchange for Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut and a first-round pick. Noel will see an immediate boost in value in Dallas, and he could very realistically work his way into the top-50 equation, so congrats if you were stashing him. The 76ers will likely be waiving Bogut, and he'll likely sign with a contender after that, but I don't see him having much value to close out the year. Anderson is staring at nothing but opportunity in Philly, so he makes sense as a speculative pickup in deep leagues, but unless you've got some trash on your roster I think this is more of a wait-and-see situation in standard formats. His arrival could dampen Dario Saric's rest of season outlook. This trade could also mean that Jahlil Okafor will be staying in Philly past the deadline.





The Heat are trying to package together Wayne Ellington and Josh McRoberts in a deadline day deal to clear some salary cap. These aren't the most attractive assets in the world, so there are no guarantees they'll find a partner to get a deal done.


The Thunder have reportedly given up on trying to nab Wilson Chandler and now have their eyes on Taj Gibson. From a basketball standpoint, Gibson makes too much sense in OKC, although in terms of fantasy hoops his value would likely take a hit there. I'm going to wait and see if a trade goes down before getting too in depth here, but Gibson's arrival in OKC would absolutely crush Domantas Sabonis limited value.


The Bulls reportedly will not surrender a first-round pick to grab Jahlil Okafor, and I doubt any GM out there would be willing to part ways with a draft pick to get a non-defense playing center like Okafor. David Aldridge reported on Tuesday that Okafor was sure to be dealt, but Philly probably needs to lower the asking price to get that to happen.


The Suns are reportedly interested in bringing in Mindaugas Kuzminskas.


The Celtics are ready to bid on Paul George or Jimmy Butler should they become available, but Danny Ainge has indicated he's not willing to part ways with Brooklyn's 2017 draft pick just yet. Denver is also trying to get in the mix for these guys, but Boston is the only team with enough assets to really pull this sort of blockbuster deal off.


The Trail Blazers are shopping Festus Ezeli.


The Bulls are shopping Doug McDermott and the Thunder have interest in him.


Ricky Rubio remains a "significant target" for the Knicks, and he could be one of the bigger names to be moved on deadline day.


The Suns continue to shop Tyson Chandler, Brandon Knight and P.J. Tucker, and while Tucker has generated a ton of interest around the league, Phoenix hasn't been able to find many teams interested in Knight or Chandler. Tucker will likely be moved today, but it's tough to see him landing in a situation where his value doesn't take a pretty big hit. Chandler is on a horrendous deal, so it could be tough for Phoenix to move him, while Knight has been so bad this year that his value is probably pretty low around the league.


The Jazz have reportedly had some "light conversations" regarding Derrick Favors, so he's another one of the bigger names that may be moved on deadline day. I'm feeling like he won't, though.


The Wizards are shopping Trey Burke, which isn't all that surprising. Burke isn't a fantasy asset.


The Nuggets are willing to part ways with Will Barton should the right deal come around. Wilson Chandler has also generated a ton of interest around the league, with the Raptors, Rockets and Clippers all expressing interest.


The 76ers may be willing to move Sergio Rodriguez to a contender. I imagine this report has the Cavs attention, but Rodriguez will continue to be a non-factor in fantasy hoops regardless of his jersey.


New Orleans is trying to rid themselves of Alexis Ajinca or Quincy Pondexter at the deadline. Good luck.


According to Jeff Zilgilt of USA Today, Reggie Jackson is not likely to be moved today.


Arron Afflalo could be moved in a deadline day deal.


A hoops fanatic, Jared Johnson has been a member of the Rotoworld team since 2013. Follow him on Twitter @JaredJ831, and feel free to send him your questions regarding trades, draft strategies and all things fantasy basketball.
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